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Addiction - Info & Treatment, Walnut Creek, CA

We offer a Safe, Discreet, Comparatively Pain Free, and Extremely Affordable Outpatient Detox Opportunity.

This site is designed to familiarize you with our services and hopefully answer many of the questions one might have when considering detoxification.  Our offices are located in Walnut Creek.  We serve the cities of Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, Alamo, Danville, San Ramon, and Pleasanton CA. Weyland is proud to offer medically manage detox services in an outpatient setting as we understand the hardship of leaving ones home and the cost associated with inpatient detox. These services and their provision are overseen by physicians who are certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Our Detox Services and the Brief Counseling Services provided while you are undergoing Detox allows us to provide these services in a manner that is affordable and readily accessible to all not requiring hospitalization.  Our service array is as follows.

1. Physcians visit to begin medication and 10  Addiction/ Detox support session.  Cost $1,493.00.
1. Physcians visit to begin medication and 12 Addiction/ Detox support sessions.  Cost $1,793.00. 
3. Physcians visit to begin medication and 15 Addiction/ Detox support sessions.  Cost $1,993.00.

These services are offered in a manner to minimize or in some instances literally provide a pain free Detox Alternative.  This is accomplished in large part due to our primary belief that longer detox episodes and appropriate levels of medical support can almost diminish the pain one typically experiences when transitioning from Alcohol or Opiates.  It is also been our experience that by making Detox more palatable and less scary for he or she who needs it more people are willing to take a chance and enter Detox earlier in the addictive cycle.  By so doing we are literally diminshing the ever increasing harm that is a direct result of the unchecked process of the addictive cycle.

No longer are you required to sign up for long term programs in order to get Detox & Clinical care.  Our greatly reduced treatment process in terms of cost and time in treatment makes our service more affordable and therefore a more palatable option that most people can financially entertain.  It is our sincere hope that what we have created will be a catalyst for brining more people into treatment and diminishing the harm they are inflicting on themselves and their loved ones.  We know that the fear of withdrawal symptoms, can and often is, an almost insurmountable deterrent to entering treatment.  Thus the inherent ambivalance associated with taking the first step in seeking help.  The earlier people take this step the sooner we can participate with them in keeping an intact family, not becoming a part of the legal system, keepiing jobs, and in some cases literally saving lives.  

The most pivotal problem and consequence of this dilemma is that the addictive cycle exacts ever increasing harm in areas such as your health, career & finances, relationships, and in many instances will eventually cause you to enter the realm of the legal system. The other obstacle for many is that historically an inpatient stay was required to seek medically managed detox services. Well, unfortunately many folks are in the catch 22 situation of needing to continue careers because they are the bread winner in their homes, or simply have an aversion to entering a hospital for such services.  No matter the reason they still need help and we want to be there for you or your loved one who may such services.     

How to get started: Give us a call at (925) 658-0480) to arrange an Intake appointment. A brief Needs assessment will be performed and a meeting with the physician will be scheduled immediately(in most cases this appointment will have been arranged prior to your Intake Assessment when deemed appropriate) as we understand the physical need to see the physician ASAP.  If this sounds like something that might work for you please call us and someone will get back to you right away.  You will find that we will work very hard to make your treatment with us a successful one, and that you will be treated with the utmost discretion and dignity while undergoing this process.   



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